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My encounter with Renae was over breakfast at a local establishment. At your request I had made contact with Renae simply to meet her and to get to know a little more about her as an individual.

At the present time I would like to suspend (put on hold) the dating membership as I would like to get to know different aspects of Renae in greater detail. She is extremely honest and personable, fun to be with and has a great sense of humor. I look forward to getting to know her better over dinners and evenings out.

Donni, you did a great job in following up with me to determine my likes, wants and needs to see if Albuquerque Singles was on target with providing quality individuals. I appreciate your determination to make my experience with others rewarding and comfortable. You were very professional and personable. Thank you.

Albuquerque Singles

Meet and Date Quality Singles Today

Single in Albuquerque? Albuquerque Singles specializes in helping singles meet and date quality individuals that match their interests and preferences. We are the largest personal matchmaking company in New Mexico with local offices in Albuquerque to serve you.

Albuquerque Singles takes the work out of dating for their clients. Our job is to recruit quality, relationship-minded singles with similar interests and values to introduce to you face-to-face on a personal level. We are not an online dating site or agency. We are a personal matchmaker. Our service is completely private and confidential every step of the way. Our diverse membership, trained staff and commitment to our clients is why so many Albuquerque singles put their trust in us to assist them in reaching their relationship goals.

Put Our Matchmakers to Work for You

As a member of Albuquerque Singles you will be working closely with your very own personal matchmaker. Our experienced matchmakers will hand select those introductions that most closely match your predefined requests. With a personal matchmaker working for you it is clear why we say, "We do all the work, you have all the fun!"

Albuquerque Singles’ "Meet Your Match" Formula

Albuquerque Single's "Meet Your Match" formula of meeting singles is truly revolutionary. Designed by industry leaders, the "Meet Your Match" formula combines personal matchmaking and extensive marketing efforts to assemble a diverse membership of quality relationship-minded local singles. Personal service along with continuous support and coaching during the dating process ensures you truly will "Meet your Match" as a member of Albuquerque Singles.

The Albuquerque Singles Advantage

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What are you waiting for? See for yourself what so many Albuquerque singles already know. Albuquerque Singles is the best way to meet quality local singles. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get started meeting quality singles! To schedule your confidential consultation simply fill out the registration information at the top of this page and a member of our staff will call you directly. As we say at Albuquerque Singles, isn't it time to "Live, Laugh and Love Again!" You deserve it. We look forward to helping you reach your relationship goals.