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Tawna is so down to earth easy going, will do just about anything for you. A very loving and beautiful person, and is very outgoing.

I have had great experience with Albuquerque Singles as short as it has been and I appreciate what Megan has done for me. It was the easiest way that I have ever had meeting single people.

Your Personal Matchmaking Team

Some of the best dates you may recall were probably those put together by a friend. Just a friend introducing you to another friend. Unfortunately those are few and far between. In reality, your friend is not a professional matchmaker. Our goal at Albuquerque Singles is for you to have that same experience. A friend introducing you to another friend! We get to know you, as we do all our members. It’s that simple.

As a member you will be working closely with your very own personal matchmaker. Utilizing your matchmaking and personality profile your experienced matchmaker will hand select those introductions that most closely match your predefined request. This ensures you meet only those singles who you have the best chance for success. No dating someone for 6-months to find out that don’t share similar core values and life goals. Just think, the phone rings and it’s another great match from Your Personal Matchmaking Team.

With our proven feedback process, your matchmaker is going to guide you in the dating process, encouraging and helping you along the way. Whether it is what to wear on the date or encouragement to beat those first date nerves Your Personal Matchmaking Team is there for you.

Have fun get to know your matchmaker. Your matchmaker is going to be there to encourage you along the way. Introducing you to fun, local singles. Oh and by the way, if marriage is part of your relationship goals, they will also gladly dance at your wedding! Just part of their job!

What are you waiting for? Put our Personal Matchmakers to work for you!